continuing legal education

technology and the law


DECEMBER 14, 2013


  • 8.5 CLE credit hours (including 2.5 credit hours towards the ethics requirements).

  • Opportunity for Golfing at one of Naples spectacular golf resorts on Friday, December 13th, 2013

This seminar covers some of the technology challenges facing legal professionals today.

Developments in Legal Research

Learn about cost-effective legal research tools and how legal professionals can use them to make legal research faster and more affordable.

Ethics in the Digital Age

Recognize the risks to confidential information in the age of mobile devices, digital case management software, and cloud computing.

IPad Apps for Lawyers

Explore how you can integrate new technology into your legal practice.

E-Discovery and Cyber Forensics

Gather information about the liabilities, risks, and compliance issues inherent in electronic discovery in litigation practice.