"Law: an ordinance of reason for the common good, made by him who has the care of the community."  St. Thomas Aquinas


   The Ave Maria School of Law Moot Court Board is dedicated to offering opportunities designed to advance the skills central to effective legal representation. The Board is an independent, student-run organization which conducts trial and appellate competitions for the purpose of enhancing forensic skills, including brief-writing, oral argument, analytical ability, and ethical advocacy. The Board is an organization of Ave Maria School of Law and is committed to the Law School's mission.

     Moot Court Board Mission. The Ave Maria School of Law Moot Court Board is a Catholic legal organization dedicated to educating lawyers with the finest professional skills by providing outstanding professional training founded on Ave Maria School of Law’s distinctive educational philosophy inspired by Pope John Paul II’s encyclical Fides et Ratio and by the natural law, in the context of the Catholic legal tradition.   

     The Moot Court Board consists of an Executive Board, Senior Members, and Associate Members. The Executive Board includes the Board’s elected Officers: President, Vice President for External Competitions, Vice President for Internal Competitions, Vice President for Publication, Secretary, and Vice President for Events. Each Vice President heads a committee of Senior and Associate Board Members.   
    The Moot Court Board prepares Ave Maria School of Law students to compete in various state, regional, and national competitions. These competitions are more commonly known as "externals." Students may be required to arbitrate, conduct a trial, or submit an appellate brief and series of oral arguments. Distinguished members of our Law School’s faculty coach the external competition teams. Students benefit from the opportunity to work directly with an experienced professor on the pressing legal issues of our day.
The Moot Court Board contributes to its close-knit Ave Maria School of Law community. Each year the Moot Court Board hosts local judges, practitioners, and alumni to evaluate second and third-year law students in two Intramural Competitions: The Robert H. Bork Moot Court Competition and the St. Thomas More Trial Competition. Additionally, the Board assists first-year law students as they compete in the Research, Writing, and Advocacy Department’s annual St. Thomas More Appellate Competition.
     Moot Court membership invariably enriches a student’s law school experience. Consequently, membership is highly coveted. It is a prestigious distinction that is reserved for students who wish to unlock their God-given potential and transform from mere representative to trusted legal advocate.







"We are the students who represent Ave Maria School of Law on a national level. We do so by venturing outside the classroom and into the legal community to compete in interscholastic competitions. The Moot Court Board prides itself on displaying the legal minds Ave Maria School of Law has to offer."

Matthew A. Catania, President ‘14

"A wise man once told me, 'practice like you'll play, and you'll play like you've practiced.' Moot Court provides invaluable opportunities for aspiring practitioners to hone the skills and confidence necessary to transition from the theoretical to the actual. For those reasons, prospective employers increasingly recognize Moot Court among those experiences most likely to produce top-notch candidates for entry-level positions. Without a doubt, taking an active role in Moot Court forever changed the course of my life for the better."

George C. Miller, Esq., VP of External Competitions '13
Judicial Law Clerk, Fayette County Court of Common Pleas, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania