In Their Own Words

"My externship at the Collier County Attorney's Office gave me the edge on what it means to work in local government, and all the goings-on of municipal law. I got a chance to dabble in everything, including elections and contract law, various forms of property and land-use law, employment law, and personal injury. In addition to the exposure into various areas of law, I also gained "real life" legal experience by attending depositions, appellate arguments, and writing memos. It was a great experience, and I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to learn more about what it means to work in state and local government."

Jacqueline Kennedy-Dvorak, Class of 2011
Macon, Georgia

"Career Services served as a constant source of support and guidance while I was at Ave Maria. From perfecting cover letters to proofing resumes, from brainstorming job opportunities to providing me with contacts, Career Services was always there. I am now working at Americans United for Life in Washington D.C., and am very thankful for the dedicated team in Career Services."

Kellie Fiedorek, Class of 2009
Americans United for Life
Washington DC

"With the state of the economy at the end of 2009, I struggled to find employment after taking the Bar Exam. Career Services supported and encouraged me to continue volunteering at the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office, where I interned during law school. Listen, no one goes into the legal profession to work for free, but they helped me realize that I was strategically volunteering to improve my legal skills and to make significant networking contacts. I hit the ground running and started handling felony trials on my own. Soon, a local attorney noticed me and offered me a great job. To make a long story short, Career Services helped me seize an opportunity that set me apart from the competition."

J. Travis Mihelick, Class of 2009
Ben Gonek, PC
Troy, Michigan

"I feel the whole point of participating in all the opportunities that Ave offered me boils down to experience - experience leading, networking, representing a client, or standing in front of a judge. These are situations that I find myself in every day as an attorney and everyone knows 'practice makes perfect.' I cannot stress enough the importance of taking advantage of these opportunities. They have really proven to be a great asset to my career."

Maro Bush, Class of 2008
Frank, Haron, Weiner & Navarro, PLC, Class of 2008
Troy, Michigan

"Ave Maria School of Law has provided me with great opportunities to grow personally, professionally, and spiritually. From our wonderful community to excellent academics, I thoroughly enjoyed my time here. I also landed my dream job: to be an officer in the Air Force JAG Corps."

Kevin Normile, Class of 2008
Judge Advocate, United States Air Force