Clinic Descriptions

Asylum Law Clinic

In Asylum Law Clinic students review the basics of asylum law and procedure, and also develop professional skills. Students represent asylum seekers and render legal assistance to families in immigration matters. Students also write appellate briefs for the Board of Immigration Appeals.

Estate Planning and General Practice Clinic

In Estate Planning and General Practice Clinic, students help clients with basic estate planning and probate, as well as select civil and consumer law matters.

Human Trafficking Law Clinic

In Human Trafficking Law Clinic, students represent victims of human trafficking. In addition, students collaborate with government and non-government organizations, and engage in community outreach and training.

To read more about this clinical work read an article from the spring 2011 issue of the Advocate

Mediation Law Clinic

In Mediation Law Clinic students learn, use, and develop skills as advocates and mediators. Through the classroom and Lee and Collier County courts, students learn a problem-solving approach to the practice of law, while gaining valuable experience. Once students successfully complete the Mediation Law Clinic, they may apply to the Florida Supreme Court to obtain county court mediator certification.

To read more about this clinical work read an article from the winter 2011 issue of the Advocate

Patent Law Clinic

In Patent Law Clinic, students represent clients who would not otherwise be able to afford to pursue patents for their inventions. Students work with clients to understand their inventions, research existing patents for similar or related inventions, prepare the documentation necessary to file provisional patent applications, and file applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.