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Dave Lockard

Dave Lockard, currently a 3L, came to Ave Maria School of Law after 25 years of experience in corporate leadership and entrepreneurial success.

A former Manufacturing Executive, Dave branched out to work for a national management consulting firm, where he used his expertise to implement hands-on Management Operating Systems for Fortune 100 manufacturing companies. There, he directed Continuous Improvement to build value-added management resources to improve performance.
Tired of the exhaustive travel, Dave left the arena of management consulting, to enter the world of financial consulting and business management as a licensed stock trader and investment advisor. There, he provided business financial tactics to growing companies that needed expert advice in stock structures and strategies, to control corporate growth in order to attract and retain investors.

Finally, after giving up consulting, Dave started and built a Software and Technology company that he eventually sold before pursuing his passion for the law.

Now, Dave spends his time working closely with the Advanced Critical Thinking (“ACT”) department as a tutor and department assistant, implementing ACT’s detailed program in learning sciences to the gifted law students of Ave Maria. He even became a published author in a national Law Review Journal by correlating his knowledge of consulting tools and their relation to the science of legal learning.

Dave now serves as a leader and role model for the entire school, exemplifying the knowledge, expertise, and attitude that only years of experience can give. His strengths lie in his sincere and likable personality, coupled with leadership skills, business expertise, and nearly three years of experience with the study of law.

Dave Lockard has a simple philosophy:
“Three things wake me up early each morning and make me excited about being a part of Ave Maria Law and the ACT department: 1) I love the people; 2) I believe in their vision, their model for success, and their grounded approach to Legal Learning; and 3) I appreciate the formula for success here and out in legal practice: Give 100% effort, and you will be rewarded.”

Make room in your schedule to meet with Dave Lockard…pioneering a new generation of legal scholars.


Brandy Shafer

Hey everyone! My name is Brandy Shafer and I am a current 3L here at Ave Maria graduating in May. I am originally from Rochester, New York. Prior to coming to law school, I worked in a law firm for three years for a sole practitioner. That attorney had a general practice with a focus on personal injury and criminal defense work. It was when I worked for this attorney that I started to develop my interest in the criminal law field. I am currently completing an externship at a local law firm working in their criminal defense unit.

I am involved in many things here on campus including being a Student Ambassador for the school, a Barbri Student Representative, the Clerk for Phi Alpha Delta as well as member of the Moot Court Board. If you ever need anything, I am here to help!

To schedule an appointment with one of our rockstars, return a completed Tutoring Request to Deborah Favro in the Admin Building.

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  1. Brett Brosseit

    Thank you so much Dave and Brandy for your time and dedication to the success of your colleagues at the Ave Maria School of Law.; your generosity and professionalism serve as a powerful example for us all!