Student Resources

Meet with one of our rockstar tutors!

This year, we have some fantastic tutors that are ready, willing, and able to share their wisdom, tips, and strategies for success!

Chelsea Maukonen is a 3L with a lot of great experience under her belt. She will be hosting open office hours this semester in Admin 1105 on Wednesdays from 1-3pm and Thursdays from 10:15-12:15pm. Chelsea is also available by appointment, using the appointment request form to the right of your screen.

Kimberly Swanson is a dedicated 2L who has consistently implemented extremely effective techniques to become a top performer in her class. Kimberly will host open office hours on August 30 from 1-4pm and is also always available by appointment using the form to the right of your screen.

Take advantage of these wonderful study skills tutors today! They can help you learn and implement new skills that are directly transferable from class to class, making you a better student and future attorney!