Academics – Curriculum



Course offerings:


Subjects Credit Hours
Legal Case Analysis and Skills Enrichment (CASE) 1
Civil Procedure 6
Contracts 5
Criminal Law 3
Property 5
Torts 6
Research, Writing, and Advocacy 5
Moral Foundations of the Law 2
Total 33

Subjects Credit Hours
Advanced Essay Writing or Florida Legal Practice 2
Advanced Legal Analysis-Multistate 2
Bioethics 2
Business Organizations 3
Catholic Social Teaching and the Law 2
Commercial Law 4
Constitutional Law 4
Criminal Procedure 3
Equality and the Law 2
Evidence 4
Fourteenth Amendment 2
Jurisprudence 3
Law, Ethics, and Public Policy 2
Professional Responsibility 3
Protection of Human Life in Law & Public Policy 2
Religious Freedom 2
Research, Writing, and Advocacy III 2
Wills, Trusts, and Estates 3
Experiential (credits can be selected from an array of clinics, externships, simulation, and experiential course) 6
Total 53
Applied Critical Thinking and Legal Analysis (required for all 2L students with a cumulative GPA below 2.667 at the conclusion of their 1L year) 3
Students must also participate in three bar related simulations, although these are non-credit bearing. NC


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