Brett A. Brosseit

Director and Assistant Professor of Advanced Critical Thinking


Curriculum Vitae  


  • Ph.D. Leadership and Higher Education
  • J.D., 1996, Florida State University College of Law
  • B.S., Aeronautical Studies, 1990, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Areas of Expertise

  • Critical Thinking, Education Policy, Executive Coaching, Individual and Team Performance Organization, Leadership Development, Learning Science, Legal Education, Organizational Leadership, Personality Theory

Professional Experience

Professor Brosseit hold both a Juris Doctor Degree and a Ph.D. in Leadership and Higher Education. With joint expertise in law and education, Professor Brosseit’s scholarship and teaching focus on the effective application of the learning sciences in legal education. His doctoral research produced the first comprehensive conceptual model of the development of critical thinking in law students, providing the legal academy with guidance to inform educational strategies for improved learning outcomes. Professor Brosseit has supplemented his education with studies in neuroscience and education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and has also completed graduate studies in Executive and Professional Coaching at the University of Texas. As a Professor and Director of Advanced Critical Thinking, Professor Brosseit researches, designs and delivers evidence-based curricula and courses to help students optimize their academic, intellectual, and professional performance. Professor Brosseit’s research interests include the application of the social and behavioral sciences to inform strategies for the development of higher-order thought processes, motivation, and self-directed learning, as well as the use of the learning analytics to assess cognitive and non-cognitive development.

Honors and Professional Affiliations

  • Long Range and Strategic Planning Committee (Aug. 2015-Present)
  • Florida Committee on Student Education and Admissions to the Bar (July 2014-Present)
  • Curriculum Committee (Aug. 2013-Present)
  • Faculty Development Committee (Sept. 2011-2015)
  • Bar Exam Task Force (Sept. 2010-Present)
  • Strategic Planning Sub-Committee on Faculty Recruitment, Retention, and Productivity (Aug. 2013-May 2014)
  • Academic Standards Committee (Sept. 2011-May 2014)

Key Works

  • Publications
    • Brosseit, Brett A. (2015). Law school academic support professionals’ perceptions about development of students’ critical thinking. Available at SSRN:
    • Brosseit, B. A., Murphy, S., and Mortenson, E. (2015) Applied critical thinking and legal analysis. Naples, FL: Ave Maria School of Law (textbook to accompany course).
    • Note, Buyers Beware: The Florida Supreme Court’s Abrogation of the Apparent Authority Doctrine Leaves Plaintiffs Holding the Tab for Torts of Franchisees, Mobil Oil v. Bransford, 648 So. 2d 119 (Fla. 1995), 23 Fla. St. Law Rev. 837 (1996)
    • Presentations
    • Ayers, S., Brosseit, B., Grise, J. B., Heminway, J. M., Kupenda, A. M., Morse, K., Lewinbuk, K., McCann, M., and Pierre-Louise, L. (forthcoming 2015, August). How to Teach Critical Reading in any Law School Course. Panel discussion presented at Southeastern Association of Law Schools, Boca Raton, FL.
    • Brosseit, B., DeWald, A., Monroe, W., and Radice, J. (2014, August). Learning Theory in Legal Education. Talk presented at Southeastern Association of Law Schools, Amelia Island, FL.
    • Brosseit, B. (2013, June). The Learning Skills Pyramid: An Evidence-Based Legal Learning and Problem-Solving Model. Talk presented at the Institute for Legal Teaching and Learning, Washburn School of Law, Topeka, KS.
    • Brosseit, B. (2010, March). Teaching Thinking Skills through Legal Writing. Talk presented at Directors of Legal Writing Florida Network conference, Naples, FL.
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