Career Services – Mission Statement


The mission of Career Services is to develop, encourage and empower Ave Maria School of Law students as they begin their career path. Career Services seeks to build relationships with students, alumni, employers and the community to facilitate connections.  Career Services works to prepare students as students diligently seek employment.

The Career Services Office’s mission is in direct alignment with and supports Ave Maria School of Law’s vision and mission in fidelity to the Catholic Faith to build a community, serve the common good, educate, and develop students who will become lawyers with the finest legal, ethical and professional skills.

In support of our mission, the Career Services Office of Ave Maria School of Law strives to:

1.      Teach students and graduates the skills they will need to locate and secure legal, business, or academic placements in a variety of venues throughout the country.

2.      Counsel students and graduates and introduce them to strategies to assist them with their short and long term professional goals.

3.      Provide employment opportunities for students in preparation of their legal careers.

4.      Educate students and graduates about the opportunities available in both the public and private sectors.

5.      Connect students and graduates with professionals in the community who can serve as guides and mentors as students embark on their professional career path.

6.      Uphold the mission of Ave Maria School of Law by stressing ethics and professionalism during the course of each student’s and graduate’s job search.