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Office of Admissions – Transfer and Visiting Students

Transfer and Visiting Students

Transfer Students

Ave Maria School of Law welcomes applications from students who have earned academic credit at another law school accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA) and are currently in good academic standing. Ave Maria will accept a maximum of 32 semester hours of credits earned at another law school and the transferability of credits is at the discretion of the Admissions Committee in consultation with the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. Credit will not be given for courses in which a student receives a grade of less than a “C” or its equivalent. Students who enroll on a transfer basis must complete four semesters of full-time study at Ave Maria School of Law. The Dean or Associate Dean for Academic Affairs may waive this requirement, but only for extraordinarily compelling reasons. Transfer students also must take the required courses at Ave Maria (or their equivalent at the law school from which the student transfers).

Application Requirements for Transfer Students

Transfer applicants will be considered and may be eligible for substantial scholarship assistance.

Visiting Students

A law student enrolled and in good standing at another ABA-accredited law school may enroll in courses at Ave Maria School of Law for up to one academic year. Visiting students earn academic credit at Ave Maria (subject to satisfactory academic performance) and, with the approval of their home institution, apply these credits toward graduation requirements of the home institution. Transferability of credit is at the discretion of the accepting institution. It is important to note that enrollment as a visiting student is not an appropriate mechanism for eventually seeking to transfer to Ave Maria.

Application Requirements for Visiting Students

Visiting students are not eligible to receive scholarship assistance.

Visiting students may be eligible for financial aid from their home school and should contact the financial aid office at their home school for more information.