Media Inquiries

Media Inquiries

Media Policy:
Ave Maria School of Law requests that all media outlets receive permission before entering campus.

We ask that media outlets use the photographs provided below for news stories and articles.

In the News:
The Communications Department releases publications and a variety of topics concerning events that take place within the law school community. Media outlets may access them here as well as Presidential and Keynote Speeches and Statements from the law school’s founder, Mr. Tom Monaghan. -Publications -Statements and Speeches -Videos

Facts and the History of Ave Maria School of Law:
Ave Maria School of Law was founded by Tom Monaghan, founder of Domino’s Pizza in 1999. The law school was located in Ann Arbor, Michigan for its first nine years. Instrumental in the school’s founding and development were Adam Cardinal Maida, Frank Joseph Dewane, Cardinal Edward Egan, and John Cardinal O’Connor. Supreme Court Justice, Antonin Scalia assisted in developing the school’s curriculum. In 2009, the school relocated to Naples, Florida. The campus is situated on twelve acres in Southwest Florida; property which was recently bought from Ave Maria University in Immokalee, Florida. The law school has a full-time student population of approximately two hundred fifty (250) students.

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