MAX by AccessLex Program for Fall 2017 Students

MAX by AccessLex Overview:

  • Teaches personal finance in a way that leverages the strategic skills legal education attracts and provides;
  • Utilizes a multi-format approach – in-person workshops, online and virtual programming, and one-on-one counseling – to recognize students’ different learning styles and knowledge bases, and to fit into their demanding schedules;
  • Offers scholarship incentives to motivate students to stay on task and on schedule;
  • Provides learning paths with defined goals and monthly progress reports; and
  • Will serve as our primary financial education program for 1Ls.

MAX is available to first year law students for the 2017-18 academic year.  MAX for second and third year law students is currently in development and will launch in fall 2018 and fall 2019 respectively.

The focus of the program in fall 2017 will be to provide financial information to help first year law students develop sound financial habits that will enable them to stay on budget, keep to their financial plan and live within their means.

The spring 2018 focus will be to help second semester law students understand credit and the importance of credit in their law school and professional journeys, along with support to ‘stay on track’ and modify financial plans and personal goals.

The summer 2018 focus will be to prepare law students for their second year.  Students will review and finalize financial plans and personal goals for year two, including identifying income opportunities.  Students will also review the foundational information from the 1L Learning Path in the context of the financial needs of a rising 2L summer law student.

Contact Kevin McGowan, Director of Student Financial Services, for more details: (239) 687-5335,